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Gun Control Explained With Its Pros And Cons

600X400-Scott4-600x300Gun control is a hot topic all over the globe. People are busy debating about its pros and cons, no matter which part of the world. In the US there have been high numbers of death due to fire arms. With the increasing number of problems, now the public has started standing against the control of guns. There is an important call to look after the violence occurring all over the globe as the problem needs to be solved as soon as possible. The number of deaths is high and the control is very less. Hence, everybody should stand up for it.

Before passing a judgement about the topic, one must be aware of the pros and cons the action would be having. Gun control means inflicting a severe regulation on people possessing a fire arm. Many people believe that punishment for people owning and carrying arm would reduce the violence happening around in the world. However, there are many arguers to this belief. Possessing arms is the right of every American citizen as per the constitutional rights. The pros of gun control are that, it will reduce at least the number of gun related deaths. Gun possession is permitted for self defence purpose only.

However, out of all the accidents that takes place, hardly in 1% of them only the gun was used for that purpose. Usually people take advantage of this law to possess a gun for criminal activities only. Majority of murderers are always found with a licensed gun, hence the number of murders might reduce. Suicide count will also decrease. On the other hand, the illegal gun trade can increase. What is actually needed is, education about firearms so that people do not use it for other purposes. A strong defence option will be taken away from people.

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