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The Biggest Of All Marijuana Policy Reforms

marijuanaThis year, the Illinois government passed a bill where possessing small amount of marijuana will not be considered as a punishable crime. Throughout the country, this year has been a year full of record marijuana legislative policies. Other states like Ohio and Pennsylvania have enacted health related bills for marijuana consumption. Now the conditions are such that, more than half of the US population is living in US states that have legalized marijuana usage. Legalizing marijuana usage can help many things at the same time. It is important to take it wisely than being against something all the time.

Several existing marijuana programs have undergone modification. Basically, it has been legalized in most places. Florida legalized the use of any variety of marijuana for terminally ill patients. The laws being followed have many loop holes. Marijuana possession penalties have also been reduced in quite a few states. Significant progress was observed in the states that legalized marijuana for regulators, adults and legislators. In Colorado something very unique was decided. The out of state marijuana businesses’ ownership was allowed and the purchase quantity for non-residents of the state was also increased.

Colorado has taken significant steps to increase the number of local test labs for marijuana. It has created a separate business of people who transport marijuana. Alaska is aiming at issuing retail licenses soon. If marijuana is sold under control, the crime going on elsewhere can e stopped. People will get easier access to marijuana and eventually its demand will neutralize someday. People will not have to overpay for its use. Marijuana is considered beneficial for quite a few health reasons. It is a great stimulator, but can be addictive. Addicts can have withdrawal symptoms; hence its use must be under control. There must be an increase in cooperation program among adult retailers and medical retailers.

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